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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cross Pollination

Gatewalker Chapter 4 will take an extra week to come out, due, in part, to a visit from some old friends -- one of whom agreed to sit down with me and Rachael to discuss marketing strategies...

I think we got some good work done that day.

Yep, that's the mysterious K.R. Cross, author of one of JukePop's highest rated stories, Daggers, sitting between myself and the intrepid Rachael Cruz.

You'll be seeing interviews with both of them popping up on this page in the coming months. In the meantime, go check out their stories!

Read Daggers HERE!
A dark fantasy saga of revenge and redemption unfolds as the children of the Blackstone - born with otherworldly gifts, stolen from their homes, and schooled in the art of killing - seek to break the bonds that hold them in captivity.

Read To Embrace The Sun HERE!
Taj has been a slave for as long as he can remember. He dreams of something more, and through his adventures and YOUR choices, he may learn the hidden truths behind who and what he really is.

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